Our strong commitment to designing and developing the next generation of anchoring technologies enables us to offer our customers a superior choice – bespoke, suitable, cost effective solutions for their mooring needs, instead of what is simply ‘standard’.

Bruce Anchor currently has various R&D projects under development with some new products that have the potential to completely change the anchoring industry, particularly for permanent moorings.

A new Anchor Data Communication System, capable of displaying seabed to surface ‘real time’ tracking of an anchor moving along its embedment trajectory in the seabed.

The Bruce Anchor Tracker offers cost-effective site appraisal, which could eliminate the need for geotechnical investigation.

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Bruce Tracker

  • ‘Real time’ tracking of an anchor embedment trajectory
  • Power supply changeable on seabed by ROV means the system does not need recovering for maintenance during the life of the mooring

A revolutionary design for offshore mooring applications is the Bruce Booster. The fluked burying devices, mounted in series on a chain mooring line increase the holding capacity obtainable from the drag anchor.

Each Booster acts as a tandem anchor, increasing holding capacity even in shallow layers of sediment. A series of Boosters can provide unprecedented high holding capacity to match the breaking load of any chain while permitting low load recovery.

Download the datasheet


  • Superior high holding capacity even in shallow layers of sediment
  • Eliminates expensive shackles, pear links, and piggy-back anchors
  • Easily assembled on chain mooring lines
  • Freights in standard containers for up to 120mm chain size –reducing transport costs significantly
  • Low load recovery by mooring line