The Bruce



With increased holding capacity and the cranked shank design, the Bruce PM is the perfect anchor for permanent mooring requirements and hard bottom conditions.

  • Superior holding performance in all sea beds
  • Placement anchor for all permanent mooring applications
  • Choice of fluke angles for optimum performance in hard and soft bottoms
  • Simplified fluke angle adjustment by moving two plain pins, no welding required
  • Design can be tailored to suit customer requirements
  • Single point recovery lug on fluke minimises breakout resistance
  • Can be varied to suit required shackle sizes,
    dimensions marked *
  • Disassembly into two parts for easier, lower cost shipping

The Bruce PM anchor preserved the crank shank design from the self-righting Bruce FTTS Mk4, and added a completely flat fluke, with self-righting stabiliser veins being located to the transverse extremities of the fluke to offer a considerably increased holding capacity. A robust pendant lug has also been provided at the rear of the fluke to accommodate rewards recovery without requiring a bridle system.

Like the Bruce FFTS Mk4, the cranked shank design reduces the requirement for ballasting the anchor fluke in most sea bed conditions and ‘teeth’ on the anchor shank are not required as shank penetration resistance is minimal.

FFTSPM-anchordrawings3 FFTSPM-anchordrawings2 FFTSPM-anchordrawings1

Anchor Sizes Table

The table gives nominal dimensions of certain sizes but since the anchors are fabricated from steel plate they can be supplied in any size to suit customer requirements, from 250kg up to 60,000kg