The Bruce



The Bruce GP has a further increased fluke area from that of the Bruce PM, and the shank straightened to enable mass to be redistributed to the fluke for higher holding capacity and a lower rearwards recovery load.

  • Greater holding capacity from increased fluke area
  • Choice of four fluke angles to suit most soil conditions
  • Snag free negotiation of stern rollers
  • Easy deck handling
  • Easy breakout using chaser or rear recovery lug
  • Significant reduction in cost per tonne of holding capacity
  • Can be varied to suit required shackle sizes,
    dimensions marked *

In this 2006 adaptation of the Bruce FFTS Mk4 anchor, the side edges of the fluke were straightened and the fluke was extended aft into alignment with the rear extremity of the pendant lug. The robust lug at the rear of the fluke facilitates rearwards recovery from deep penetration of soft clay bottoms without need for bridle system. The fluke area of the Bruce GP anchor exceeds that of the nearest competing anchor available today by 5.6% and so gives a significantly higher holding capacity.

Also in comparison, the Bruce GP gives a lower rearwards recovery load due to the smaller scoop effect of the forwardly convergent narrower shank (acting in conjunction with the smaller area in frontal elevation of the fluke) in resisting rearwards retrieval from deep embedment in soft clay soils.

FFTSGP-anchordrawings1 FFTSGP-anchordrawings2 FFTSGP-anchordrawings3

Anchor Sizes Table

The table gives nominal dimensions of certain sizes but since the anchors are fabricated from steel plate they can be supplied in any size to suit customer requirements, from 250kg up to 60,000kg