The Bruce

Bight-Lock Chaser


The Bruce Bight-Lock chaser enables an anchor to be recovered in less time than with a conventional chaser.

  • Locks onto a chain link or a special socket in a mooring line when the line is pulled into a bight
  • Enables most of chaser pendant tension to be applied for anchor recovery
  • Enables anchor recovery at lower bollard pull and winch capacity
  • For use with chain, wire rope, or a combination of both
  • Can be used as a conventional permanent chaser or in bight-lock mode

The Bight-Lock chaser is pulled along the mooring line from the MODU to the mud line near the anchor. The Bight-Lock chaser locks onto a chain link or a special socket on a forerunner wire, and prevents the mooring line from running back through the chaser towards the anchor.