Bruce FFTS Mk4 Self-Righting Anchor Bags Two New Orders.

FFTS Mk4 shipping

Bruce Anchor Ltd, an Acteon Company, has completed two separate orders for the Bruce FFTS Mk4 self-righting anchor.

12mT anchors were supplied for a semi-submersible drilling rig operating in the North Sea and 10mT and 12mT anchors were supplied for dredging vessels operating in South Africa.

Steve Broadbent, Sales Director for Bruce Anchor said ‘We are delighted and very proud to be supplying anchors to a diverse range of marine sectors across the globe. The FFTS Mk4 anchor has the ability to self-right on the seabed. Not only does this save time during installation as the anchor does not have to be retrieved and re-set like other anchors, it also adds a significant safety factor and can also be used as a transit anchor.’

The Mk4 is one of five anchor designs available from Bruce. Bruce also designs chasers, shackles and chain tensioning equipment.

For further information on the FFTS Mk4, click here.